Insurance Claims: The Importance of Having a Will

by | Oct 31, 2021 | Insurance

Throughout our 30 years of experience in the Insurance marketplace, there are a few key things that we always advise our clients to look into regarding their insurance. One of the most important of those things is having a will in place that is complete and current.

If you have insurance cover on your life for instance, without a current will in place specifying your wishes your crucial claims money could be delayed or misdirected in ways you did not intend. Your Life Insurance policy will pay out at the time of your death and you can use your will to specifically detail how the Life insurance payout should be used.

Fortunately, these days getting a will in place and certified is not a labour intensive or expensive process, and it is a crucial step to take. It is equally as important to ensure that if you do have a will, that you make sure it is current and check it each year at the same time as your Insurance Policy Review. Make sure that your specified dependants that your estate will be distributed to is exactly who you wish for it to be, and make any necessary changes so that in the event that a life insurance or critical illness claim needs to be made, the intended recipients can get the claims payout with as little stress or delay as possible.

The Public Trust of New Zealand offers services that will allow you to create your will online for as little as $69. This is a small price to pay when compared to the possibilities of your entire life claim being delayed by unnecessary days, weeks or more. For more information on the process and to visit the Public Trust’s Will Service you can click here, or contact any of our team for any help that you may you need.

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