Health Insurance

When your health or the health of a loved one fails, a quick and full recovery is always the number one priority. Health insurance is designed to help you get back to full health by giving you access to the best available treatment as soon as possible. While the New Zealand public health service is good, it is designed for acute or immediate care of patients. Budget restraints and the lottery of different District Health Boards (DHBs) priorities mean that non-urgent treatment can be hit and miss with long and sometimes life-threatening wait times. Having Health insurance means you can avoid the long waits and huge costs involved by getting treatment immediately when and where you need it.

Surgical Cover

A Health Insurance Policy with surgical benefit includes cover for unlimited surgical treatment that you or a loved one may require. This will allow you to rest assured that if any of those covered by your policy require surgery, you can get it quickly and with all expenses of the treatment paid.

Surgical cover options

  • Full cover

  • Excess options

  • Specialists and Tests

Specialists and Tests cover

Specialists and Tests Health Insurance cover will pay for any specialist consultations you may require, as well as the cost of any diagnostic imaging or tests. Specialist treatment can often be expensive and some tests can be much more so. Without this cover in place, you will be left with the unfortunate choice of bearing these costs yourself or being unable to access the specialist treatment you need, making this a highly recommended and vital addition to your Health Insurance.

Health Insurance for your children

Whilst GP visits for children under the age of 13 are free in New Zealand, adding your children to your health insurance policy is still a highly recommended choice. Getting health insurance for your children is inexpensive, and it will ensure that any pre-existing conditions that may develop throughout their growth will be covered. Also, it will ensure they always get access to healthcare, no matter how public healthcare funding changes.

Employee Benefits / Business Insurance

Starting a business and then finding and attracting the right staff to grow it are some of the biggest challenges you will face. It makes sense to protect the business and its human capital as well as reduce the associated costs to your business should something happen to them and they cannot come to work. Insurance cover for employees is a great tool to protect both your business and your investment in it. At the same time you can boost staff retention by rewarding them with group cover benefits.

Employee Benefits programmes or “Group Schemes”

These are when an employer takes out insurance to cover their staff, either all of them, or selected groups, to reduce the impact of death or illness and accident on the employee’s family, and/or the business. The proceeds of some of the insurances can be paid to either the employee, or the business. As little as 5 staff is enough to qualify in most cases.

Employee Health Insurance

Having a Health scheme in place allows staff to access health professionals and treatment faster and bypass the public system, so they can return to work sooner. On average, staff that have a health scheme in place, take 2 less sick days per annum than staff without a health scheme. Because the risk faced by the insurer is reduced by insuring a number of people, they can apply generous discounts and can give concessions covering existing health problems. These discounts and concessions can also be extended to the staff’s family members.