Income Protection cover (also known as Mortgage Protection cover) replaces your income when you cannot work. Your ability to generate income is your greatest asset. This type of product will pay you a set amount every month, to replace the income lost while you are too sick to earn. You can choose the benefit pay out for a set period, or until you would have retired at age 65.

Income Protection covers a broad range of expenses that may arise if you have become unwell or less abled due to illness or an accident. If you can still work part-time, your Income Protection policy may cover the shortfall for up to 12 months.

  • Income Protection can help you to:
  • Pay the bills and maintain regular income while you recover.
  • Make sure those who depend on you are provided for.
  • Financially ease your transition into your next job or career.
  • Cover being made redundant or losing your job for non-health reasons.
  • Continue to provide for your children’s future and education.
  • Pay all of your mortgage payments while you’re out of work.
  • Whether you are a self-employed individual, an employee of a company or a partnership, we can compare income protection policies and get you the best deals possible, with the terms you need for your unique situation.


In the event that you can no longer bring home the income that you have grown to rely on, the Income Insurance policy from Spratt Financial could ensure that your family doesn’t suffer negative consequences. If you are eligible for sick leave within your employment contract, you can choose to activate the Income Protection once these entitlements have expired – this could ensure that you have ample time to concentrate on recovery – or diversifying.

If you are within the qualifying range, there are also tax deductions on offer that apply to your Income Protection premiums. This means you can quietly build your safety net without placing too much strain on your daily budget. Income Protection pairs beautifully with Trauma Insurance, and combining the two policies will ensure that if a health crisis hits your family, you can all keep moving forward.




If you are off work for an extended period of time due to an illness or a debilitating injury, Income Protection could help pay for rehabilitation to get you back up to speed. You may need very specific therapies or bed rest or your home may need to be modified to accommodate your altered mobility. Each situation comes with its own challenges and solutions, and Spratt Financial’s Income Protection advisors are on call to pinpoint exactly how we may be able to assist you to get back on the road to recovery.

Income Protection is not always about a physical crisis, so a smart add-on to your standard cover is the Redundancy Benefit option. This means that if your company is no longer able to employ you in your usual position, you could be eligible for up to $1,000 per month paid out for 6 months. Income Protection paired with a Redundancy Benefit add-on gives you the space you need to catch your breath and regroup if you are forced into a new direction.



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