Home Insurance

Our home is easily our most valuable possession. It keeps our families safe and sheltered. It contains so many memories. It truly is where our heart is. For some of us, owning a home is the end result of a lifetime of hard work and saving. That's why your home and your lifestyle deserves protection. Hood Insurance Brokers (members of Spratt Financial Group) can offer you the best home insurance, specially tailored to meet your individual needs. With home insurance, your house will be covered up to and including the total specified amount that you have chosen. It can also be packaged together with a contents insurance policy to secure not just the building itself, but the valuable possessions it contains inside.

There are two main options for home insurance that will insure the value of your house against unforeseen events such as flooding, fires, intentional damage or arson. It can also protect you from the incidence of natural disasters. New Zealand has witnessed numerous disasters in the recent past, showing us the real dangers we can face. With our help, you won't have to take the chance of losing it all. Home insurance can also include a number of optional benefits, a selection of which are outlined below.

Comprehensive home insurance

A comprehensive home insurance policy will cover the repair of your home, or it will pay out an amount up to the maximum you select, when you take out the policy. The broadest range of possible conditions are covered, including a higher level of policy and value limits. A comprehensive home insurance policy can also include additional benefits, including covering the costs of alternative accommodation, hidden gradual damage, key and lock replacement, landscaping cover for damage to your gardens and natural disaster cover.

Basic home insurance

A more basic and less comprehensive home insurance cover with more cost effective premiums. This form of cover is best suited for those who wish to have some form of protection but cannot manage the more comprehensive policy premiums. Basic home insurance will generally insure the value of your house to a lesser amount. With a more basic package, some of the additional benefits may or may not be present.

If you require home insurance, we can design a package for you that will fit your needs at the best possible price. We will also offer unmatched additional service, including ongoing support with your insurance as well as claims management during your most stressful times. We can outline a policy with all the features you need and none that you don't. Don't hesitate to contact Hood Insurance Brokers for more information anytime. We'd be proud to work for you.