don’t leave your family with financial stress and worries

Dying is not on anybody’s to-do list, but the reality is that every day in New Zealand there are children who lose a parent they rely upon financially. Despite this, so many Kiwis still have no life insurance to protect their family if the worst happened. If anything should happen to you, your life insurance policy will pay out a substantial lump sum so your family doesn’t have to worry about money. By comparing policies from the entire marketplace, we can make sure you’re getting the best cover for the lowest prices.

Life insurance can help you to:

  • Make sure your family is financially secure should you pass away.

  • Replace your income if you are unable to work.

  • Pay your mortgage or your rental costs.

  • Cover you for Major Illness including cancer, stroke, heart attack etc.

  • Provide for the dreams that you have for your children’s future.

  • Reduce or completely eliminate personal and business debt.

how an adviser can benefit you

Comparing policies can be complicated and frustrating, but we can make it easy. Although it is possible to buy insurance online, there are unique benefits that you can only get from a Registered Financial Adviser like us. Your adviser will care for your wellbeing and will be able to structure insurance products around you and your family, around your needs and your budget and will enable you to make a truly informed decision. Best of all, an adviser will only save you money, it does not cost more and there are no extra fees. You will get tailored service that fits you from a qualified adviser, not a one-size fits all robot.

we are spratt financial group

Spratt Financial Group has an experienced professional team of insurance brokers, investment specialists and mortgage advisers that is here to help you manage and achieve your financial goals. In helping guide many of our clients in overcoming their problems and achieving success, we have seen it all.  Best of all, our insurance advice and quote comparisons are free and no obligation, so you have nothing to lose.

All you have to do is complete our quick and easy assessment below - enter the few details required so that we can match your insurance needs with the perfect insurance product. Our advisers will get back to you for a quick and simple consultation and then before you know it, you can rest easy knowing that you have the best and most cost effective cover for you.

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