Car & Boat Insurance

For most of us, our private vehicle is how we get from point A to point B. Therefore, it can be more than just an inconvenience if your vehicle is put out of commission. Even worse, without insurance you could be liable to pay for damage caused to another vehicle if it is deemed that the damage caused is your fault. According to statistics from the Ministry of Transport, there are over 9,000 crashes per year causing injury in New Zealand. This number doesn't take into account accidents causing damage to the car but not injury, which sends the number much higher. The bottom line is that even if you are the most experienced and skilled driver in the world, accidents do happen. You can't control other drivers on the road or unforeseen changes in conditions.

Don't leave it to chance, Hood Insurance Brokers (members of Spratt Financial Group) can make sure your vehicle is covered, and your repair or replacement costs are provided for. Vehicle Insurance is crucial, and we can get you the best deals from the most reputable providers in the market.

Premium vehicle insurance

A more comprehensive approach to your vehicle insurance would be to choose a premium vehicle insurance policy. This will cover both the damage to your car and any damage to another vehicle as well. A premium policy can provide additional benefits such as payments if injury or death is suffered by any occupants of either vehicle, costs towards a rental vehicle or alternative transportation, key and lock replacement and medical costs.

Third party insurance

Third Party Insurance protects you against damage caused to someone else's vehicle. This can be obtained as a stand-alone policy or added as an addition to your existing vehicle insurance. Another option offered by some providers is a more limited form of vehicle insurance that includes third party cover and a limiting amount of cover for your own vehicle (for instance providing for fire and theft damage only). This can be a more cost effective option for those operating on a limited budget. For more information and a full synopsis of what's available, drop us a line and we can help find the best option for you.

Which vehicles can be covered?

Generally, any road using motor vehicles can be covered with vehicle insurance. This includes cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles. If you wish to cover a boat or sea going vessel then there is a separate form of marine insurance. Information about this can be found below.

If you require vehicle insurance, we can design a package for you that will fit your needs at the most competitive price. We will also offer unmatched service, including ongoing assistance, a support staff on hand, as well as professional claims management during your most stressful times. We can outline a policy with all the features you need and none that you don't. Don't hesitate to contact Hood Insurance for more information or a free, no obligation quote anytime. We are always proud to work for you.


If you own a personal boat, a specialised marine insurance policy through Hood Insurance Brokers can provide for repair or replacement of your boat following damage or an accident. Additional benefits can also be included in your policy such as rescue and salvage costs, medical expenses if injury is caused in a boating accident or a benefit providing for the costs associated with emergency towing back to shore. A pleasure craft insurance policy can also cover some personal effects that you have on board your vessel at the time of the damage or accident. A full list of the circumstances you will be insured for is available from us at any time. You can rest assured that with Hood Insurance, your policy will be efficient, affordable and personalised to suit your unique needs.

Commercial MARINE insurance

This is the marine insurance for you if you operate a business that involves one or more seagoing vessels. Examples of this include ferries, chartered vessels for fishing/sightseeing tours, fishing boats or transport vessels. This insurance gives your business the protection it needs to remain profitable despite unforeseen accidents to your boat or fleet. Multiple boats or vessels can be covered by the same policy, meaning your assets can be protected as effectively and simply as possible.

Marine cargo

Marine cargo insurance covers goods that are in transit either shipped by boat or by rail, road or air. Your policy will cover you for accidental loss or damage to your goods in transit, as well as costs and liabilities associated with damage such as salvage costs. Loss of profits can also be covered here.

  • An Open Cargo policy can cover you if your business regularly ships goods. It provides permanent cover for the cargo being transported over many trips.

  • A Single Trip policy can cover you if your transportation is a one off. Each individual trip can be insured for less than the recurring annual amount of an Open Cargo policy. This cover can benefit you if you are either looking for a more cost effective option or the goods transportation will not be a constant recurring aspect of your business.

Household goods transit

A cost effective and useful form of insurance that protects your accidental loss or damage to household contents or personal effects that are in transit. If you are moving house, be it across town or across the world, this policy can give you peace of mind while your precious property is in the hands of another.

If you require any one or a combination of these marine insurances, we can design a package for you that will fit your needs at the most competitive price. We also offer you unmatched support including support staff on hand for any form of assistance you need, as well as claims management during your most stressful times. Don't hesitate to contact Hood Insurance Brokers for more information anytime. We'd be proud to work for you and secure you the marine protection that you deserve.