Could you have an insurance claim waiting?

Make sure you don't miss out on a possible insurance claim.

Recently, during the course of one our regular insurance reviews with a client, they informed us that they had recently gone through angioplasty to have stents installed in their arteries. It all went smoothly, and the client thought little of it, until we informed them that they had a current trauma insurance policy in place and they were entitled to a substantial claim that they were completely unaware of. A short time later, the client was $50,000 better off and in a far better space both health-wise and financially.

Over our two decades of professional experience, we've repeatedly seen that trauma insurance may be among the least understood facets of insurance among Kiwis. Most of our professional advisers have personal cases where our valued clients had gone through an illness that entitled them to a claim and they weren't aware of it. 

Trauma Insurance is a type of cover which pays a full or partial claim (based on your own policy's sum-assured) upon diagnosis of a number of serious medical conditions. Most available trauma policies have a list of 40+ conditions that can trigger a full or partial claim. As a working couple in New Zealand has a 1 in 3 chance of having one of its members suffer a serious illness by the age of 65, it can be a very valuable type of insurance to have. 

If you have an insurance policy and have recently experienced a serious illness, you may well be entitled to a claim. Depending on your specific policy, there may be a few discrepancies in the conditions covered, however there are generally a list of 40+ conditions that will be fully covered and many additional less serious conditions which will entitle you to a partial claims payment (the angioplasty mentioned above is one of these partial claim conditions.)

Our team is available any time if you are unsure about your insurance or if you are entitled to a claim and we are always happy to help. Also, if you don't have trauma insurance and are interested in being covered in the event of serious illness, we can help secure the best policy available for you. We also offer full claims management service to take the stress out of your hands at claim time. Contact us anytime at, use our contact form below or call us at 09 307 8200.


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