We offer assistance to individuals, families, trusts and businesses that require professional advice on the best lending options available to them. Whether it is buying a different home, changing lender or ways to pay off your debt faster we can assist with options that cover all of the market offerings currently. Our advice is often paid for by the lenders themselves when you take out a new loan and we are mobile to most areas. All you have to do is tell us what you need and we will advise on the best lending options available to you.

Help with Lending options

  • Advice in changing lenders (including the pitfalls as well as potential advantages).
  • Fixed and variable rate options and their pros & cons.
  • How to best structure your mortgage.
  • How to pay down debt faster.
  • How much you could borrow.

Different lenders have different rules and services, and we can advise you on what options you have before approaching anyone to ensure you get the best result possible. We also have access to the full range of mainstream lenders and non-bank lenders to ensure you have all options covered in terms of what the market can offer you.

Call us today for a friendly chat or contact us anytime – as we always like to tell people “We work for you – not the bank”.