kym grant - administration manager

Kym Grant.jpg

DDI: (09) 306 7263
Cell Phone: (021) 731 788

Kym came to us with a wealth of business skills and experience, and we had no hesitation in placing her as our new accounts manager. Her role not only takes in accounts, but also broker support, communication and office services, a collection of duties that Kym relishes and takes on with cheerful vigour. Kym’s skills in a wide range of administrative roles have brought greater efficiency and turnaround times, which we are delighted to see has meant simpler and quicker solutions to client enquiries.

Kym puts her personal expertise to work in supporting our broker team and in the management of our accounts, keeping things in the business running smoothly. Outside the office, Kym puts her exquisite culinary skills to work on a regular basis, showing the same enthusiasm for her every day life as she shows to our clients and our staff at work.

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