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Spratt Financial Group has an experienced specialist team of insurance, investment and mortgage advisers that is always willing to help you manage and achieve your desired outcomes. We analyse your unique situation and tailor a specific solution to secure your future, protect your family or business and maximise your future wealth.

In helping guide many of our clients in overcoming their problems and achieving success, we have seen it all. Our financial services team can give you the benefit of these experiences, with an approach tailored to your unique situation.  

Spratt Financial Group is comprised of:

- Spratt Insurance Brokers: Risk insurance services for individuals, families and businesses. Includes life, income, health, trauma and mortgage insurance.
- Hood Insurance Brokers: General insurance services for individuals and businesses. Includes home, contents, vehicle, liability, business and travel insurance.
- Spratt Investment Services: Cutting edge investment planning and service. Includes lump sum investment, kiwisaver, superannuation and pension transfers.
- Spratt Mortgages: Professional home loan service and service. Includes first home loans, mortgage refinancing business and investment property lending.

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We've helped New Zealanders find solutions to their financial concerns for over 25yrs

Our professional team of insurance brokers, investment advisers and mortgage specialists offer you service focussed on your specific circumstances, giving you what you need to reach your financial goals. We can analyse your unique situation and tailor a specific solution to secure your future, protect your family and maximise your prosperity in your journey through life. From the best and most cost effective insurance available to professional assistance with your investments, kiwisaver or retirement planning to acquiring or refinancing your mortgage at the best possible terms, Spratt Financial has all your needs covered under one roof.



Insurance Brokers

Life, health and general insurance products are useful tools in protecting your financial independence, your health and your way of life. Part of our insurance service involves shining a light on certain aspects of your life to see where your income goes so that if things start to go wrong, you can protect as much of your financial independence as possible. We focus on your ability, and that of your family and staff, to access medical advice, treatment and technology as soon as possible, to continue to meet your debt payments and to have an income provided to ensure your finance and lifestyle is protected

We advise people on the best use of insurance products and services to reduce, as much as possible, the effect of serious injury or degenerative illness on their future financial security. Our partners at Hood Insurance Brokers also offers you the best in general insurance, to protect you or your businesses home, possessions, vehicles and/or legal liability. With Spratt Financial Group, all your needs are truly covered.



We specialise in growing your real wealth. Our approach is to offer investment management which is evidence based in its approach & effectiveness. We have investment solutions that combine international best practice and academically supported methods to ensure you're always getting the best.

We offer investment assistance to individuals, families, KiwiSaver members, trusts and businesses that require professional advice, planning and on-going service.

  • Planning to achieve your goals.

  • Maximising your KiwiSaver.

  • International best practice and cutting edge investment solutions.

We work with you in our planning process according to level you want. Our experienced team ensure all areas are covered and are able to discuss any areas of concern, like estate planning or varying levels of risk.          


MORTGAGES & Investment Property Lending

We offer assistance to individuals, families, Trusts and businesses that require professional advice on the best lending options available to them. Whether it is buying a different home, changing lender or ways to pay off your debt faster we can
assist with options that cover all of the market offerings currently. Our advice is often paid for by the lenders themselves when you take out a new loan and we are mobile to most areas. All you have to do is tell us what you need and we will advise on the best lending options available to you.

  • Commercial and Investment property Loans

  • Helping you get your first home

  • Help with lending options – getting the best rates and refinancing

Call us today for a friendly chat – we always like to tell people “We work for you – not the bank”.

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