General Insurance

Hood Insurance Brokers are the specialist general insurance members of Spratt Financial Group, and they specialise in securing you the best insurance at the lowest prices. Our service to you doesn’t stop there however, as Hood Insurance will provide ongoing support, reviews and full claims management to make sure you’re always getting the best. Read on below to find out more about the range of general insurance we can offer you today.

Secure your lifestyle with home insurance

Our home is easily our most valuable possession. It keeps our families safe and sheltered. It contains so many memories and for some, owning a home is the end result of a lifetime of hard work and saving. Your home and your lifestyle deserves protection. That's why we have home insurance, specially tailored to meet your individual needs. With home insurance, your house will be covered up to and including the total specified amount that you have chosen. It can also be packaged together with a contents insurance policy to secure not just the building itself, but the valuable possessions it contains inside.

There are two main options for home insurance that will insure the value of your house against unfortunate events such as flooding, fires, intentional damage or arson. It can also protect you from the incidence of natural disasters. As New Zealanders, we have been witness to the tragedy of the Christchurch Earthquakes, we know that these things can happen to us. With our help, you won't have to take the chance of losing it all. Home insurance can also include a number of optional benefits.

protect your possessions with Contents insurance

Whilst our home may be our most valuable possession in life, it is certainly not our only important one. Take a look through your home and you will most likely see a collection of belongings which in a way helps you to define your day to day life. Not just those items, but the precious memories that are associated with them. Your television set, blu ray player, personal artwork, jewellery, decorations and so much more. It can all be protected quickly and easily with affordable contents insurance from Hood Insurance.

There are generally two main options for contents insurance that will insure the value of your belongings against unfortunate events such as burglary, flooding, fires or natural disasters. These options can include a number of optional benefits, a selection of which are described below.

Protect your business with liability insurance

If you own a business, whether big and nationwide or small and local, you can protect yourself from any legal liability risks you face with liability insurance. Legal costs are a real risk and have great potential to cause you unnecessary hardship or in the worst case scenario, bring your business down entirely. With a liability insurance package from Hood Insurance Brokers, we can protect you from that risk.

Liability Insurance will generally cover you from the costs legislated against you by the courts, as well as legal costs associated with defending yourself in court. There are a number of liability insurance options, so don't hesitate to get in contact and we can decide together what's right for you.

First class Vehicle insurance

For most of us, our private vehicle is how we get from point A to point B. Therefore, it can be more than just an inconvenience if your vehicle is put out of commission. Even worse, without insurance you could be liable to pay for damage caused to another vehicle if it is deemed that the damage caused is your fault. According to statistics from the Ministry of Transport, there were over 9,000 crashes per year causing injury in New Zealand. This number doesn't take into account accidents causing damage to the car but not injury, which sends the number much higher. The bottom line is that even if you are the most experienced and skilled driver in the world, accidents do happen. You can't control other drivers on the road or unforeseen changes in conditions.

Don't leave it to chance, Spratt Insurance Brokers can make sure your vehicle is covered, and your repair or replacement costs are provided for. Vehicle Insurance is crucial, and we can get you the best insurance deals from the most reputable providers in the market.


If you own a personal boat or run a business involving a vessel (or fleet of vessels), a specialised marine insurance policy from Spratt Insurance Brokers can provide for repair or replacement of your boat(s) following damage or an accident. Additional benefits can also be included in your policy such as rescue and salvage costs, medical expenses if injury is caused in a boating accident or a benefit providing for the costs associated with emergency towing back to shore. A marine insurance policy can also cover some personal effects that you have on board your vessel at the time of the damage or accident. A full list of the circumstances you will be insured for is available from us at any time. You can rest assured that with Spratt Insurance, your policy will be efficient, affordable and personalised to suit your unique needs.

Travel insurance protection

Kiwis love to get out and see the world, be it a holiday, a tour or the Big OE. Luckily, Spratt Insurance Brokers can offer you the best travel insurance on the market. We scan the wide variety of travel insurance options and get you the policy that best meets your needs and suits your priorities. If it's cost, we can help you find the cheapest option available. If its full extensive coverage for everything that could go wrong, we've got you covered there too. You don't have to spend your valuable time scouring the options when you should be preparing for your trip; we can do that for

Not sure if travel insurance is right for you? Find out what you can be covered for below.

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