David Lattimore - insurance adviser

David Lattimore.jpg

DDI: (09) 306 7262
Cell Phone: (021) 747 857
Email: david.lattimore@sprattfinancial.co.nz

David Lattimore possesses a unique role within Spratt Financial Services - that of Specialist Industry Adviser for the New Zealand Airline Industry. David’s senior role in this specialist client service position entails that he understands paying close attention to a client’s individual specialized needs more than most. David has been responsible for the design and delivery of industry leading service standards, as well as training colleagues to meet these standards as well. With his unique knowledge and expertise, David accepts only excellence in standards from both himself and those he trains. 

David’s first hand knowledge of the particular needs and circumstances of his clients has enable Spratt Financial Services to create, deliver and manage a standard of insurance resources that is unequalled in the New Zealand Insurance Market. David’s pinpoint time management ensures that he also fulfills the admirable role of a volunteer Fire Fighter at East Coast Bays Fire Station while still finding time for his family.

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