maintain your income if you’re unable to continue work

Making a living is not easy, and while you’re doing all you can to provide for yourself and your family, the last thing you want to deal with is a health issue or an accident that prevents you from working. Having an Income Protection policy is vital and will ensure that your income will continue to be paid and your lifestyle can be maintained.

Income Protection can help you to:

  • Pay the bills and maintain regular income while you recover.

  • Make sure those who depend on you are provided for.

  • Financially ease your transition into your next job or career.

  • Cover being made redundant or losing your job for non-health reasons.

  • Continue to provide for your children’s future and education.

  • Pay all of your mortgage payments while you’re out of work.

Whether you are a self-employed individual, an employee of a company or a partnership, we can compare income protection policies and get you the best deals possible, with the terms you need for your unique situation.

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how we can benefit you by comparing quotes

Covering your income and comparing policies can be complicated and frustrating, but we can make it easier. Although it is possible to buy income protection online, there are unique benefits that you can only get from getting help from a Registered Financial Adviser. Your adviser will care for your wellbeing and will be able to structure your income protection products around you and your family, around your needs and your budget and will enable you to make a truly informed decision. Best of all, an adviser will only save you money, it does not cost more and there are no extra fees. You will get tailored service that fits you from a person working for you, not a one-size fits all robot. By the end of our quick and easy assessment process, you’ll have the options for you at the best available prices.

There are many options for Income Protection cover - we can help you structure the right one.

There are many options for Income Protection cover - we can help you structure the right one.

we can help you - a quick and easy process

No matter how you make your living, if you or others depend on your job for financial security, it is not smart to take a chance and go without protecting your income from unforeseen circumstances. Get the income protection cover that you need now and make sure you and your family are prepared for any eventuality. Should you already have a form of income cover, we can also perform a free review for you, find if you have the most suitable policy and whether other options could be better or help save you money.

You can choose the options that are best for you and your budget, including:

  • How long your claim period will last: 2 years, 5 years or until the age of 65 or 70.

  • Your wait period (how long it takes until your income protection payments begin): 2, 4, 8, 13, 26, 52 or 104 weeks. The longer the wait period, the lower premium you will pay - so it pays to think about how long you could sustain yourself before your income protection kicks in if you are unable to work.

  • Additional optional benefits which may suit your unique situation.

All you have to do is complete our quick and easy assessment below - enter the few details required so that we can match you with the perfect insurance solution. Our advisers will get back to you for a quick and simple initial consultation and then before your know it, you can rest easy knowing that you are covered and that you have the best and most cost effective cover for you.