anita bedwell - insurance & MORTGAGE adviser


DDI: (09) 306 7253
Cell Phone: (027) 531 7771

Anita is an experienced and capable insurance broker and mortgage adviser, who prides herself on demonstrating her worth to our clients with her professionalism and sharp service. She has a proven record of excellence and precision during her time in the financial services industry and Spratt Financial is proud to have her on board. Anita has brought her skills to Spratt Financial's mortgage service in addition to her insurance work with excellent results. Anita offers our clients service in:

- Life and Risk Insurance.
- Insurance Claims Management.
- Securing New Mortgages at the best rates.
- Re-financing an existing mortgage on better terms.
- Reducing and paying off mortgage debt quicker.

Anita's calm and precise manner, and her enthusiasm and dedication to our clients in both our insurance and mortgage divisions is one of our businesses most valued and unique assets.

Don't hesitate to get in contact with Anita if you have any questions regarding your insurance or our mortgage services.

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