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Head Office
Level 1, Spratt Financial Centre
3 Morton Street
Freeman's Bay 1010
Phone 09 307 8200
Fax 09 307 8204
Mail Address
PO Box 99481
Auckland City 1149
Email: enquiry@sprattfinancial.co.nz
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Spratt Financial Services Advisers Statement


Craig Spratt and Spratt Financial Services has been trading as professional financial advisers since 1989.

We are independent of any financial services provider or insurance company and our role is to broker financial advice, services and products which are appropriate to you and your evolving circumstances, from Insurers which are competitive and accurately provide for your on-going needs. We hold adviser agreements with AXA, AMP, AIA, Asteron, Fidelity, Sovereign, One Path and Tower, as well as Southern Cross, NIB and Accuro Health.

We have no agreement with any of these insurers which favour one over the other for promised levels of production. We will recommend whichever insurance product or provider that provides the best solution for you. The financial best interests of our clients are our primary concern, particularly at claim time.

Conduct and On-going Professional Development

We adhere to the highest levels of ethical and professional conduct. We are self regulating in the first instance and endorse and support the Codes of Conduct for Financial Advisers as determined by statute.

Our Advisers are supported by extremely experienced and well respected leadership and our internal technical resource and trainer is acknowledged within the industry as world class. We are all enrolled or enrolling in the Open Polytechnic and our internal standard is to progress through and beyond the national Certificate in Financial Services.

If we become aware of any potential or actual area where your interests are conflicted by ours, we will advise you in writing. Our Disclosure Statement sets out our complaints procedures.

Advice Philosophy and Process

Our business philosophy is to provide you with the information you need to understand your current position and the consequences of the risks you currently face. We will consider the information you provide us and research the options which are relevant to you and report our observations and concerns if any and we will make recommendations as to the most appropriate course of action in our view.

These recommendations will be in the form of a menu from which you must select the options which best suit your philosophical approach to risk of financial loss, your existing resources and your budget. We will oversee and manage the underwriting process with the Insurer to ensure that the terms offered by them are accurate, competitive and fair.

Once cover is issued we will monitor the position by reviewing your evolving circumstances and compare them with available alternatives that allow you to achieve the same results. If something goes seriously wrong with your health, the cover we have provided will ensure that you are:

  • Able to respond financially to the issues in your life you've identified for us.
  • Able to do so as soon into the disablement process as possible.
  • Able to do so within the constraints of a reasonable budget.
As your circumstances evolve, we need to ensure that our advice to you remains relevant so we will need to stay in touch with you as time passes. We will contact you to briefly check for changes and at least once a year sit down and update the process with you and your other professional advisers.

Collection of Personal Information and Record Keeping

We provide an individually tailored portfolio of advice and products and accordingly we follow an upgraded and improved version of an internationally recognised six step process. Our advisers follow a process of making handwritten notes while with you. They will complete and develop these notes and treat them as the basis of written observations, summaries and recommendations for you.

We will identify an "ideal" range of insurance resources in the form of a menu which we will present and explain to you. We will help you to prioritise these available resources against existing, your own philosophy towards risk and of course your budget. We maintain an electronic client management system which records summaries of work in progress for you which electronically stores and references documents from you and to you.

This system is a cutting edge software product and we are confident in its electronic and physical security. Our building is alarmed and guarded by security patrols and we maintain a robust site security regime. We do not handle funds on behalf of insurers. Payments and premiums are generally paid by direct credit, automatic payment, electronic funds transfer or very occasionally by cheque.


The revenue derived by this business is generated by providing products, services and advice to our Clients. Accordingly, we are keenly focused on the delivery and relevance of these products services and advice.

We depend on the candor and depth and accuracy of the information that you provide for us. As often as we can, we will seek documentary verification of information to ensure accuracy and we will regularly report to you both verbally and in writing of progress and any outstanding issues requiring attention.

As your circumstances are likely to change, we need your co-operation in maintaining an up to date understanding of your position. We will establish a review process which is typically either event triggered by obvious changes or by diarised meetings at a frequency we can agree upon. 

We will be available any time to take calls, emails or texts from you and we would hope to be the first point of approach if you have concerns over your health or your insurance resources.

If you have any further questions about our business procedures, or you would like to take advantage of our insurance, investment and lending services, use our contact form here. You can also phone (09) 307 8200 or email directly to enquiry@sprattfinancial.co.nz.